Eterno Red Light Therapy

Can we talk about Obsessed?!? After just 4 weeks I have noticed my skin is smoother and more even! Swipe to see my before and after! 😍The @eternoskincare light therapy device is amazing! It’s Red Light Led therapy is just what my skin needs to help boost collagen! What’s even better is how easy it is for me to use! I add my moisturizer to it and swirl around for 15mins, 3 times a week! That’s it!!  I not only love the results but also that I can fit it in to my busy life!



Straight from the site:

We use the same LEDs NASA uses in outer space to grow plants. Except we aren’t growing spinach. We are using it to rebuild collagen and erase years off your face

Eterno LED Lights Also Works For


Fine Lines


Sun Spots


Large Pores + Skin Texture

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  1. How cool👹I’d love to have something like that. And so what’s your favorite color

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