Pandemonium before the Party

I had the day of his party planned out so well. Much like his birth, three years ago to the day. I should have known by the way he disrupted my birth plan to just stop planning all together. 

Expect the unexpected.

His day started off great running some errands with Daddy. Trader Joe’s was even nice enough to let him pick an Organic Lollipop our for his birthday. Made his day, bc he loves his lollipops that are as far and few between as his poops on the toilet! I’d say TMI but us moms all we talk about is poop some days.

He headed off to the bakery to pick up his cake! If your in the CNY area, HalfMoon Bakery is a must! Kayleigh slayed his cake! It tastes just as good as it looks! Check them out on instagram  @halfmoonbakeryandpastry and her work as well @thelittlecakeartist.  

Next stop was to visit Santa with his Brother. They had the cutest matching red sweatshirts. The line was quite lengthy but he was walking around having fun!

We were getting so close, 5 people away from meeting Santa. He claimed he was going to sit us on his lap and I was excited to find out. The past 2 years have ended in tears. This visit did as well, but for another reason.

3 hours shy of his fabulous Bounce House Dino themed party, and I hear screams of pain. He was looking out the window when he slipped and caught his chin just right on the table. 

That damn chin skin, busted open like a mother. My husband calmly said get a towel and we got him into the hall. One look and I knew we needed to get him to Urgent Care. Having worked in a hospital and an OR blood is second nature to me. Blood with my child and I’m about to faint. 

 I calmly let my mom know we needed to go. This was my second bout with the split open chin, I think I handled it a lot better than the first. My husband would beg to differ.

As always, urgent care was absolutely wonderful! We got the bleeding to stop and they agreed glue over stitches! My 3 year old was the best little patient and handled it like a champ.

In the nick of time, we were out with a few minutes to spare until his party! He was told he could still bounce but had to take it easy. Take it Easy and Kai, do not belong in the same sentence!

Needless to say, we arrived at his party all bandaged up! He was running and laughing like nothing ever happened! We had such an amazing time at his party! All the kids had so much fun. The staff at Niki’s Place was so attentive and the decorations were amazing! 

I also had an ice cream cake done by Carvel in Dewitt and they had the cutest Dinosaur drawn on it! Absolutely wonderful. 

He was sure to thank everyone for coming in his dinosaur voice 😂