Ready, Set, Food! Best Way to help Reduce the Risk of Food Allergies

I first started looking into early introduction of peanuts, when I came across this developed system to slowly introduce the common allergens (peanuts, egg, dairy) into the diet.
I wanted to try this product out for multiple reasons. First was because I had to end my breast feeding journey much more earlier with my second son than my first. I wanted to be able to introduce peanuts in a safe way since he wouldn’t receive anything from my breast milk. Turns out after reading, that even breast feeding does not help reduce the risk due to it being such trace amounts. Second, because I needed something that took the brain work out for me. Being a mom of two little ones, easy and convenient was what I was looking for. This system comes pre packaged into small packets, slowly working up to a maintenance level. The system is organic and non-gmo, which is very important to me. After researching, and deciding on this product, they took the brain work out of it for me. I no longer had to think or worry about the amount of was giving him. 
I love their website, because it educated me even more on allergies, so many things I was not aware of. 
I started my son at 6months old, but you can start as young as 4 months, and as late as 11months. I have quite a few mom friends whose children have peanut allergies, and its very stressful when sending their children to school or another home.
This system is a super easy way to introduce, and helps reduce the risk of developing allergies by up to 80%! 
We are at the maintenance level now, and I simply pour it into his breakfast in the morning. It has become part of our morning routine. I wish I knew about this product for my first son, but you live and learn!!
If you are interested in this product and early introduction for your baby you can visit the link below for your free trial pack. In the link you can also navigate to the other pages so you can read about this product on your own to learn more about how you can help your family avoid food allergies!
Their customer service is wonderful and always ready to answer any questions. I highly recommend utilizing them if you have any questions before you start the product!! 
If you give it a try, I would love to hear your feedback!! Let me know what you think!!  


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