The end of a Chapter, the Beginning of a New one!

Yesterday ended one chapter and today begins a whole new journey. My last day at my job.

Don’t worry, I already had another job lined up.

When I got home, my new full time jobs stared me in the face. One with the biggest smile cause he wanted his mommy, the other begging to go look for dinosaurs.

I’m officially a stay at home Mom! In a new city, new house, and zero mom friends. 

Someone asked me if I was excited. Well if I am being honest? I am scared shitless.

Not of the SAHM part, the part where I’m physically not bringing home a paycheck. I’ve always been a woman who prides herself on providing for herself. Since I was 16, i was always working. I enjoy working and making my own money. I’ve never had to ask my husband for a thing. 

Am I worried about him with that? Ha, no because if I asked him to buy me sneakers he’d buy me one in every color. He’ll give me anything lol. Whether I ask him for

Well not anything, still waiting on the Birkin Bag. 

It’s my personal struggle, not working and not providing, but I’ll get over it.

No amount of money could provide me with more time with my babies. I’m so excited for all moments I get to experience with them! And slightly terrified about being locked in a house with them all day as well.

As soon as things settle, I’ll be less scared and even more grateful than I already am.

A close friend said, you’ll get used to spending his money really quick!! Hahah watch out Hubby!!

One of the things I’m most excited about is all the fresh things I get to make for them! I already make Kash food, but I keep it short and simple because of time! Now though, I’ll be making my toddler fresh almond almond milk, our own toothpaste, all the things people judge me on and make comments, hahaha! (Don’t worry I will post about the fun things I make!)

Pleasseee, Linda, Pleeassseee do not think I’m going to be writing how a SAHM has it Harder or Vice Versus. The challenges may be different, and the definition of hard has different examples. This motherhood shit is hard no matter how you slice it! 

I’m going to miss most of my coworkers though, I met some of the sweetest people! Muah!!! 





4 thoughts on “The end of a Chapter, the Beginning of a New one!

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the SAHM crew. My best advice is to grow your tribe of women! Being a stay at home mom can get lonely for adult conversation if you don’t keep a tribe of badass women in your corner. We need each other to call when we want to tear our hair out, the kids are sick, or we have big people problems we can’t vent about in front of the kids. That said being a sahm is amazing. The freedom to let your schedule be built around your children’s natural rhythms and not a clock is fabulous. Great post. Looking forward to more in the future, Erica.

  2. So proud of you and your family! It’s a scary step but I have all the faith in the world in you! You’re going to do fantastic!!

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